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Helpful Software to perform Unbootable Hard Drive Data Recovery

My computer hard drive is showing a message indicating that the hard drive is unbootable!

Although all of the reasons which make the computer to show this message, result in data loss. But not a concrete reason can be blamed for hard drive to be unbootable. Over looking various data loss scenarios a user would like to know how this drastic problem can be avoided.

How it can be avoided?

First, using good antivirus software will be most appreciable. Because anti virus scans for any possible virus in the computer in periodic manner and removes it. Next, keeping backup of important data in external storage device is the task user should look forward in periodic manner. External storage can be performed in another computer, external hard drive, pen drive etc.

Other major scenarios:

Hard drive can become unbootable if MBR or Master Boot Record gets corrupted. MBR mainly gets corrupted due to bad sector or partition. Even a missing code fragment can result in unbootable hard drive. So, how these rock solid scenarios leading to unbootable hard drive be solved. Operating system reinstallation is also can be an issue with respect to unbootable hard drive. Consider, user is performing reinstallation of OS and suddenly undergoes power goes off, due to the codes like driver codes or MBR may go missing or get corrupted leading to unbootable hard drive.

Software help is the way out:

Third party application software can help in getting out of unbootable hard drive. One of the more famous third party application software is called Remo Recover. This software searches in every discrete part of the hard drive for the reason behind unbootable drive and solves it in a progressive manner.

Additional features:

Remo Recover is very powerful software and its features are much appreciable and are capable to recover different file types of unbootable hard drive. The algorithm used is highly advanced and takes hardly few minutes of duration to recover even large sized hard drives. The recovery of the content is guaranteed to be original because disk image of is created and then only it is processed to recovery. Remo Recover supports recovery of unbootable hard drive data from various branded hard drives like Transcend, SanDisk, and Kingston etc. All types of file system like FAT26, NTFS etc are supportable for hard drive recovery. It even supports recovery of data from various external storage devices like pen drive, memory card etc. Save recovery session feature allows the user to pause and play the recovery session. It is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac computers.

Simple to follow recovery steps:

  • Launch the software in computer having unbootable hard drive problem.
  • Select Recover “Drives/Partitions” option.
  • Select the appropriate non bootable drive, hit on “Next” and scanning process will start.
  • Wait for the recovery process to complete and save the recovered files in desired location.

External Hard Drive File Recovery

 I am using a I TB Seagate barracuda external hard drive. For a few days I lended my hard drive to my friend. He is totally new to hard drives and other technical stuffs. As a result of this lot of files from the external hard drives were deleted. Is there any easy way to perform external hard drive recovery? I need recovery software for performing this process because I might miss something that can cause permanent destruction to that available data in the external hard drive.

 Yes you are right it’s always better to go with fine recovery software. Remo Recover is one of the external hard drive file recovery software that stands in the row of recovery software that successfully recovers files from any branded hard drives. This Remo Recover software has gained a permanent place in the data recovery field to satisfy the deleted and lost data commercial needs of all users.

Before proceeding in-depth we need to know what’s underlying inside the external hard drive file recovery. Whenever a file is deleted or lost only the outer layer or cover that appears to the user are removed. The internal memory still owes the deleted / lost data in binary format. Remo Recover has the ability to bring back the deleted / lost data.

This software is digitally signed and certified by top security certified concerns. Apart from this intro there are several other advantages that attracted the users of all platforms are as follows.

  • All the file systems including HFS+, FAT16 and HFSX can be recovered successfully because of the powerful mechanism used
  • Files that are lost through firm ware corruption or missing drives and volumes in external hard drives which includes files lost through uploading or downloading process from a digital imaging device can be recovered easily
  • Files of any type inside the external hard drive can be restored easily and in an agile manner even from corrupted file systems
  • The user can add their own signature pattern of file types and recover them from the external hard drive
  • Moreover all the external hard drive brands are well supported

To be successful in recovering external hard drives files we also needed a good procedural line up steps. To be successful in performing external hard drive file recovery all we need to do is just follow some procedural steps. Those steps are provided are provided here.

  • Get the software from official site and install it in your Windows or Mac PC
  • Connect your external HDD
  • Choose the type of recovery needed from the main screen
  • Choose the external hard drive using the label
  • Start the recovery process
  • If the needed files in your external hard drive comes with unique signature pattern then add the signature to Remo Recover and then start the recovery process
  • Save the recovered files in session format
  • If satisfied by the functionality of Remo Recover software then purchase it
  • Extract the data from the saved sessions

Performance Driven Software to Restore Data from Inaccessible Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard is an incredible OS by Apple, but is there any special feature in Snow Leopard to restore the lost data?

If someone loses data in Snow Leopard Mac computer, then there are chances that the user may search for a possible way to get back the lost data by searching in for some features in Mac computer. This is a pre action warning given to those users who actually think that they can get some way to restore back the lost data by hovering in Snow Leopard and waste their important time. By the time it will be better to realize some of the ways by which data may get lost or deleted making data inaccessible in Mac computer and eventually requiring restoration treatment.

Scenarios requiring data restoration:

OS reinstallation sometimes requires formatting to make the hard disk fresh. But prior to formatting user may forget to take back up of data in external storage device. Some of the non trusted third party applications may delete the data from the Mac computer without any intimation to the user. The user would want to delete a particular data but happens to accidentally choose an important data for deletion. User would like to make the Trash folder empty, but may forget the important fact that there are other important data in that folder too. This is also a severe scenario requiring restoration. If the user wants to restore the data, then software help is the obvious answer.

Software can help you in restoring data!

Data restoration from inaccessible Mac computer at immediate effect is possible using good third party restoration software like Remo Recover. This software works well irrespective of any particular scenario.

But, why should user go blindly for Remo Recover?

Remo Recover has been a top seller in the category of data recovery from Mac computers and has proved its worth in every possible scenario making the inaccessible. It is software which restores all forms of data whether it is audio, video or document. Using this standardized software it is possible to make recovery of large sized data from inaccessible snow leopard in a rapid manner. Remo Recover is virus free software making the user worry free about any corruption in the recovered data. This software supports all other versions of Mac computers like Mountain Lion, Mac OS X etc. The most apprehensive feature of this software is save recovery session. This feature essentially helps the user in pausing the recovery session and resume the session at any time as desired by the user.

Essential tips for Snow Leopard users:

Always look forward to make back up of data of utmost importance in external memory device like memory card, pen drive and hard drive. Avoid using third party applications which are untrustworthy in nature. Proper care should be taken while deleting files which are important. This can be performed by keeping important files in another folder.

Efficient Software to Lacie Minimus Desktop Hard Drive Recovery

Lacie Minimus Desktop Hard Drive is a very good companion. Isn’t it? Yes it is. But can you think of a situation of losing all the important files from this precious asset?

The answer to the last question is definitely “No”. But what if it happens, have you thought of prevention measures to avoid such a situation? It has happened to me. I had been using Lacie Minimus Desktop Hard Drive for over a year and had stored thousands of important files in it. But in a fateful day, all the files in the hard drive got vanished. Imagine what would have gone through me. All those photos videos, documents and music files which I had gathered over the years suddenly went nowhere. Here are some of the important tips which every desktop hard drive user should follow:

Basic tips:

Always make backup of important files from this large sized hard drive in another memory drive like pen drive, hard drive etc. It is a recommended procedure to use trustworthy antivirus software in computer to remove virus regularly when scanning process starts. While deleting or formatting a particular drive proper care should be taken not to perform the above operation in the drive which is important.

Ultimate savior:

If the user is not able to follow the precautionary measures and has undergone through above described situation, then start using top end recovery software like Remo Recover, which can be your last resort in such situations.

Dependable features:

Remo Recover has proved to be very strong software in all of the situations described above. It has proved its worth in recovering Lacie Minimus desktop hard drive recovery in a very efficient manner. Moreover, this software supports recovery of hard drive of all the major brands like Kingston, San Disk etc. and also of less popular hard drive brands. The recovered data is perfect in every manner and is always corruption free. The recovery of hard drive of all the file system is possible using this software like FAT 16, NTFS, HFSX+ etc. Remo MORE is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. One of the most acclaimed feature of this software is Save Recovery Session, this feature essentially helps the user to pause and play the recovery session at any time as desired by the user.

Other areas where this software will be helpful:

Sometimes due to non usage of UPS and sudden shutdown of computer, hard drive may get corrupted. In such situations recovery of hard drive will be necessary and this software can be highly helpful. A virus infected hard drive can also be used using Remo Recover.

Steps to recover desktop hard drive:

  • Download the software and install it in your desktop computer.
  • Start the software and choose Lacie Minimus desktop hard drive.
  • Click “Next” button, scanning and recovery process will begin automatically.
  • Meanwhile save recovery session can be used at any time as desired by the user.
  • Once scanning and recovery session is completed, save it in any drive.

Fujitsu Hard Disk Recovery

Have you heard about a computer company called Fujitsu? One of my friends lends me his internal hard drive for an emergency purpose. Due to my carelessness and enthusiasm I used some vulnerable tools without any data defensive mechanism. This totally turned against me and many of the data inside that Fujitsu hard disk were deleted without my knowledge. The data inside that Fujitsu hard disk is more important for him. Is there any way to recover data from Fujitsu hard disk? If not kindly provide some perfect suggestions or solutions to get back the data from the Fujitsu hard disk.

It’s really bad to hear that people were unaware of Fujitsu Corporation because this company has contributed a lot of technological stuffs and research pattern that are considered as boons of computer technology and its growth. Never mind… we need only the product and not the company history. Regarding Fujitsu hard disk recovery it’s possible to get back all your data that are deleted or lost from the Fujitsu hard drive. Normally not only the above mentioned scenario there is other possible reasons are also there. These possible reasons may look quiet and simple but when faced they react in massive manner.  The possible root causes for data loss are as follows.

  • Bad sectors or bad clusters that are created in the Fujitsu hard disk as a result of highly potential threats and hard disk malfunction
  • Data lost during partitioning Fujitsu hard drives
  • Intentionally and unintentionally deleted data that are stored inside the Fujitsu hard drive
  • File system corruption
  • Malicious programs that deletes the deletes the contradictory files and makes the user to feel for it

One of the fine statement that satisfy you is that the data stored inside the Fujitsu hard drive can be recovered and restored successfully using Remo Recover software. This software is one of the fable performers in the field of Fujitsu hard disk data. Apart from these all the above mentioned complex data loss and data deletion problems are handled well by this software. Many of the Remo Recover users are attracted towards this well featured product by its advanced features. Need to know about them. Here are some…

  • Works fine with all the popularly used Fujitsu file systems
  • This software has the capability to recover data even from RAW Fujitsu disk partitions
  • Also provides options to the user for recovering data that contains unknown file extensions
  • Using this software the user can write the recovered Fujitsu data to any storage devices including drives on the networks and other external storage devices like Pendrive drives and flash drives
  • The software is digitally signed which helps the user to get mastered in recovering data from bad sectors affected Fujitsu drives

The installation and usage of Remo Recover software is very and smooth. Even an inexperienced can be a master in recovering Fujitsu hard drive data just by following the instructions provided below.

  • Install the software in your PC
  • Choose “Recover Files” on the main screen
  • Choose “Recover Deleted” or “Recover lost” based on your need
  • Choose the Fujitsu drive volume or partition using the label
  • Save the recovered Fujitsu drive session

Purchase the software license and extract the recovered Fujitsu data from the saved sessions and store them in any of your desired location

How to Restore Data from Corrupted HDD

I have 320 GM hard disk drive in my system in which I have stored all my personal and official data. Since 2 years, I have been using system but never encountered any errors in it. However, few days back I attempted to start my PC but it could not and even I unable to found the reason behind it. Please help me out fix this issue and provide any solution to restore all my data.

Do not worry; this one of the common scenarios encountered my users and solved this issue to restore their valuable data from it. Normally, hard disk fails due to file system corruption, which happens due to virus attacks and other reasons. If this happens in your hard disk then no need to worry. Because, data is stored in hard disk only and can be easily restored with the assistance of third party data recovery application like Remo Recover, which has capable to restore all kinds of data including audio, video, documents, pictures, etc from hard disk when it is corrupt due to any reasons. It supports various brands of hard disk such as SATA, SCSI, IDE and ATA, etc. In addition, it performs safe and secure data recovery in a couple of minutes.

List of causes behind hard disk corruption

Bad sectors: Normally bad sectors forms as a consequence of physical damage or, rarely, the operating system’s incapability to access the data stored on disk. Suppose these bad sectors are formed where you installed the operating system then system unable to boot properly and results in loss of data from it.

Virus attacks:  A virus is a type of malicious program (malware) consists of small pieces of code attached to legitimate application. Once these virus runs in system, which can easily attack the file system, installed in disk. After severe corruption of file system means hard disk is corrupted, then you are unable to access data from it.

MBR corrupt:  Master boot record gives the data on loading the OS and on the partition of the hard disk. The information stored in MBR helps to find which partitions have to be used while booting. Suppose this MBR gets corrupt or damaged due to any reasons then hard disk fails to boot and results in loss of data.

Suppose if your hard disk is corrupted or damaged due to any of above-mentioned reason or apart from it then no need to worry about data stored on it since they can be easily restored with the assistance of Remo Recover application. Initially, this application scans your hard disk and finds all recoverable files and sorts according to their file types, date, etc. Once recovery process is done, it allows users to preview all restored files and finally, you can save them to your disk by activating application to full version.

 Other features of Remo Recover application

  • Assists user via email and live chat services when they find difficulty in using application
  • Displays all restored files and folders in File Type View and Data View format
  • Supports both Windows and Mac based system
  • Also performs data recovery from memory card, iPod, iPad, external hard disk, pen drive, etc
  • Do not damages your data while performing data recovery process

Caution:  Suppose when you are unable to access your hard disk when it is corrupt or damaged then avoid attempting to access or read data from it and do not use it as external device to transfer data from it. Because, it reduces chances of data recovery by overwriting file stored on it.

Helpful Software to Recover Seagate Hard Drive

I lost official data from Seagate Hard Drive, can it be recovered?

The above mentioned accident happened when I was working in a small construction company. There, my role was to work in the designing department. I had virtually designed a chief section of the building and stored the developed file in my newly bought Seagate hard drive. But, before presenting the report to the board of members, I accidentally formatted the hard drive. Thus I lost all of my important files from the hard drive including the official report. This was a heavy loss to the company, because the next construction work delayed for months and once again I had to plan the construction design.

The solution:

If the user is desperately searching for a practical and faithful solution for Seagate hard drive recovery, then the straight forward answer is Remo Recover. This software works perfect for recovering complete hard drive in various scenarios which has been discussed in this article.

Faithful features:

Remo Recover software works fine in wide variety of situations of Seagate hard drive recovery like using the same hard drive in different computers or using it in computers having different OS. This software improves the corrupted index by rewriting it with the available data in the hard drive. Using this software user can recover hard drives of various kinds like SATA, SCSI and IDE. Once the recovery session starts, after that also the process can be stopped and then resumed using the Save Recovery Session provided by this software. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows as well as Mac OS.

Other major scenarios requiring Seagate hard drive recovery:

Sometimes a user would like to transfer important files as discussed above from Seagate hard drive to computer. If during the file transfer any interruption happens, then the hard drive may get corrupted and may require recovery. Another important scenario is hard drive getting corrupted due to downloading of files from untrustworthy internet site. Downloaded files from such sites may bring along with it harmful virus which may make all the data to get lost from the hard drive. Other reasons include MBR corruption; hard drive crash and hard drive defragmentation error which all require hard drive recovery.

Steps to recover hard drive:

  • Download and install Remo Recover in computer having any OS.
  • Start the software and select for any particular drive which the user wants to recover.
  • Scanning will initiate once the drive is selected.
  • Save the recovered drive, meanwhile user can also make use of save recovery session to pause and plat the recovery session depending on the user requirement.

Basic tips:

Always use secondary power supply like UPS. It will always help the user in times of power loss to complete any process related with Seagate hard drive, for e.g. data transfer. By using UPS, user gets additional time to complete data transfer process from hard drive to computer and avoid interruption due to power loss.

Superb Tool to Delete Internet History Successfully

When you browse in your system, data such as cookies, cache, visited pages, and downloaded data tracks will stores into system’s memory. If you keep browsing other info using various browsers without deleting browser history for a longer duration, then you may experience slow performance of system. In addition, your browsing speed also become slow. One can easily trace your browsed pages, and other personal information. Hence, it is best to delete internet history regularly from your system. If you are newly using system, and do not you know how to delete internet history successfully then follow below mentioned steps to delete all browsed information.

  • Click Start on the desktop
  • Go to Settings
  • Click Control Panel
  • Double-click Internet Options
  • Make sure the General tab is selected
  • Click Clear History in the History box
  • Click “OK” to delete all browsed information including cookies, cache etc.

By following above mentioned steps one can easily delete their browsed history successfully. But, third person can easily track out and get all erased browsed history details with assistance of any recovery application since whatever deleted history is not deleted permanently from hard drive. When you clear any data from hard drive, only its pointer entry will get deleted and data still remains there only but you cannot able to access them. Now a question might arise in your mind that which is the option to get rid of internet history completely. To accomplish this task successfully using Remo MORE application is the best choice. It removes all browsed information from any browser completely and on one cannot able trace information, which you have browsed earlier.

Remo MORE application completely wipes internet history from various popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, MSN, etc. It supports various Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, etc. In addition, you can also perform this action easily on Android, Mac, and iOS devices efficiently.  Follow below mentioned steps to delete internet history successfully.

Other benefits of Remo MORE application

  • Application is available free of cost
  • More user-friendly application
  • Optimizes your system’s performance
  • Provides tech support for 24*7 hours via email and live chat services

Guidelines to delete internet history using Remo MORE

  • Initially download Remo MORE application and install on your system successfully. Start the application and choose “Optimize” option from main screen and next click on “Privacy Cleaner”.
  • Select Clean Browser Junk option and click on browser from where you decided to delete internet history and then click on “Scan” option.
  • Once scanning process gets over, application displays browser history, cache, cookies, bookmarks, etc. Click on “Clean” option to initiate removing process.
  • Finally, you will get a list of deleted internet history

Other usages of deleting internet history on regular basis

Actually, all browsed internet history, caches, cookies and other relevant information will store on system memory. Storing of all these information on system for longer duration, which can directly affect system’s performance. Because, speed of accessing a application or performing any actions is depends upon the ram memory of the system. If all this info consumes ram memory then it slows your system’s performance. More the ram memory size then we can enjoy better performance of system.

Software to Recover computer games from hard disk

Nowadays, computer games have become the best entertainment for most of the people. This has led to the evolution of different games. Computer games are those games that are played on a PC just like they are played on a PSP or an Xbox. You just put the game in the system and start playing. If you do not play video games then you shouldn’t be reading this article. Some of these computer games need to have your graphics card or cards on your computer. It becomes a very good companion when you are bored or stressed out due to heavy schedule.

Did you ever think of losing such a useful game? It’s really distressing situation to lost your favorite computer games on your hard drive. Yes, due to some unavoidable situations you might lose or delete your computer game. Just imagine that you had collected some 50 to 100 different computer games and stored on your hard drive. In order to fix some issues, you might decide to format to your D: drive and hence take backup of all your computer games. But while selecting the drive for formatting, you may accidentally choose the drive containing your collection of computer games and format it. Then you would realize that you have formatted the wrong drive, but it’s too late as you have already lost your games. In such an instance, it’s really very hard to collect all those 50 games again. So in such cases what will you do?

Luckily, you don’t have to worry as you can recover your games easily. But how to recover computer games from hard disk easily? Is that so simple? No it is not so simple but not impossible. You can recover all your games with the help of Remo recover (Windows / Mac) software. The tool with its elegant features makes the game recovery simple and easy.

Other reasons that could lead to loss of computer games

  • Accidentally deleting the computer games instead of deleting some other files suing Shift + Delete keys
  • Emptying the recycle bin after deleting the games without checking the recycle bin contents
  • Hard drive crash or damage due to  sever power surge
  • File system corruption will make your games inaccessible
  • At times severe virus infection to your computer hard drive will also cause loss or deletion of your vital computer games

However, there is no need to worry as you can easily recover your lost or deleted computer games with the help of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software easily without any loss of precision.

Features of Remo Recover Software

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is an excellent utility that lets you recover all your lost or deleted games with all its data intact from your hard disk. The tool is compatible to be used on any hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, SSD etc. the tool is equipped with many robust algorithms that could scan and extract all your computer games in just few minutes. Read below to know more about its features:

  • Can easily restore your games data even after your hard drive crashes or you reinstalled your OS
  • Capable of recovering your games with all its data and settings intact
  • Able to restore more than 300+ types of files and formats including videos, documents, spreadsheets, images and more
  • You can preview recovered files prior to purchasing eh tool i.e. using the free trial version hard disk restoration
  • Recovered files / folders can even be compressed in a zip archive to save disk space and stored at any location of your choice
  • Helps you to save the scanned session and resume the recovery / saving process any time, this ensures that you need not to rescan your drive to locate lost data

Since, this tool is capable of recovering more than 300 types of files, you can select and restore only those file types that you need. In case the required file type is not found in the list you can even add / edit new signatures for files and restore. You can try its free evaluation copy and testify its abilities before purchasing the license.

How to Perform Western Digital My Book Partition Recovery

I was maintaining employee database and other data related to company. However, my system was consists of 80 GB hard disk only. Hence, I purchased new Western Digital My Book external hard disk to transfer all data it. Later few days I connected that hard disk to my system, opened it but created partition were missing and even I lost huge data from it. So how could I restore those data? Is there any feasible solution to get back my data from lost partition? Please help me anyone if know any solution..

Off course, you can restore whatever data you have lost from it but this depend on some conditions that data could not be overwritten and that to you should get assist from any data recovery software, which is available on internet. Before that, let us know about how partition may lose from external hard disk.

Consider an example, while you transferring a huge data from your system to external hard disk, if you might have suddenly ejected hard disk in a hurry. But, this damage or corrupt file system of created partition which in turn results in loss of partition.

In addition, there are chances of losing created partition from external hard disk if that disk is severely affected from virus and other malicious threats, which can easily damaged file system. Due to severe damage in file system, partition table might get deleted and even data stored on it will also get lost.

Even you may lose partition data due to following things

  • Accidentally deleting partition instead of deleting unwanted one
  • Formation of hard disk bad sectors also results in loss of partition
  • In appropriate usage of hard disk also results in loss of data

Whatever be reasons behind loss of partition data from external hard disk, one can easily restore all lost data since data has not been lost permanently but its partition information is removed from entry table. In such situation by employing Remo Recover application, you can easily restore all lost data from lost or deleted partition in efficient way. Moreover, this process consists of few steps and even non-technical user can perform data recovery easily with the assistance of this application.

With the assistance Remo Recover application, recovers all types of data such as videos, documents, music and other files from external hard disk when partition is lost or deleted. In addition, this application can also used to perform data recovery on different types of hard disk such as SCSI, IDE, ATA, etc.

More about Remo Recover application

  • Performs safe and secure data recovery process on both Windows and Mac systems
  • Provides demo version to check its data recovery efficiency prior to purchasing full version
  • You can preview all restored files and folders in File Type View and Data View format once recovery step is done successfully
  • Allows users to store restored data to any storage media
  • Also compresses restored data when user finds lack of storage size to store them
  • Provides technical assistance via email and live chat services


  • Practice best usage of external hard disk
  • Attempt for recovery of hard disk bad sectors
  • Backup crucial data
  • Scan regularly with updated antivirus program