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Best Procedure to Recover Partition after Resize

Many users carryout some difficult tasks like repartitioning, repartitioning, reformatting, repartitioning and resizing hard disk partitions. In order to perform these processes, they take the help of experts but some people do not take the help of anyone and simply proceed with these processes using manual method or with the assistance of their friends. After following many precautionary steps while performing these tasks, unluckily they encounter data loss scenarios. It is not possible to prevent hard disk data loss scenarios but there are some steps to avoid them.

Let us assume case where you decide to resize the present partition to create a new partition in Windows HDD. With the suggestion of your friend, you used third party tool to resize the partition on which valuable data is stored. Initially, the process was systematic but at the end of the process you got some unknown error messages. If you are not from technical background, then you returned to computer panel having set of partitions. When you see the partition that you have tried to resize is disappeared from the list on Windows computer. Is it possible to bring back partition data lost during resizing process? Yes, it is very easy by means of Remo Recover software. It can retrieve partition after resize with all its files intact on Windows and Mac OS.

In below said reasons Remo Recover tool is helpful:

OS Crash: Operating System crash while resizing partition can make all files inaccessible. This in turn results in partition corruption.

File system corruption: Severe virus infection to partition can ends in file system corruption. Due to this, your important data stored on that partition gets lost.

Sudden system shutdown: Abrupt system shutdown while resizing the existing partition can result in improper resizing and results in error messages.

In addition to above said scenarios, software conflicts, accidental formatting, hard disk crash, reformatting and installing dual OS can ends in partition data loss.

It is coupled with scanning algorithms to make partition data recovery simple and compatible with an unedited form without damaging original data. It provides free preview of recovered files to enable user to verify its capabilities even before purchasing the tool. This premium tool is simple which does smooth recovery even for the users without technical background. It can retrieve data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS and HFS+ partitions. It will restore over 280 types of files such as text, photos, videos, documents, music, and PPT files. It does recovery of inaccessible, formatted, deleted and lost partitions.

It can retrieve data from incompletely resized partition on SATA, SCSI, IDE and PATA hard disks of Seagate, Buffalo, Hitachi and iOmega brands. After recovering data from partitions, it displays the outcome in Data view and file type view. It can search whole hard disk for finding lost or inaccessible partitions to select and recover files from it. Furthermore, it will perform inaccessible or hidden partition data recovery. If your partition gets damaged due to partition creation process using Windows Disk Management tool, then it successfully recovers that partition. It guides you throughout partition files recovery process. It is easily used to recover files from memory cards, USB drives, external hard disks, memory sticks, etc.

Precautionary steps:

Avoid using the affected computer to save fresh data to avoid data overwriting

Never try to resize the partition manually and always take support of professionals before carrying out hard disk related tasks

Before partitioning or formatting ensure you have vital data backup

Better Software to Recover Photos from Mac Trash

All the Mac computer users are proud owners of the prestigious Apple device. But once the memorable photos in such device can get lost, user can get worried. Photos thought of as unwanted once before would later on be regarded as important. Suppose user has captures tons of photos in sequence and is preparing those photos for photography. But some of the photos which got deleted and even removed from Trash folder can be thought of as lost forever even thought the photo deleted from Trash folder was important to the user. If this has ever happened to you too, then you have landed on right reading content to get back your photo. Yes, photos or any file deleted from Trash folder can be recovered by using third party application.

Various cases:

User usually deletes files from Trash folder considering it to be useless and later on find it to be an act of guilt. Sometimes user simply wants to clear the Mac Trash folder just like in his/her regular routine. IF later on user remembers that important photos were also stored in that folder, then this can be a case of grievance and user will feel guilty. User may directly delete a particular photo or empty the thrash folder. Some more knowledgeable users make use of advanced key stokes like Command+ Shift+ Delete keys. This option directly by passes the Trash folder and deletes all the selected photos.

The cases explained above only make the photos to get inaccessible to the user. In actual the photo still resides inside the hard disk and can be recovered back by using third party application. Remo Recover is one of the prime software in internet market which is popular in recovery class.

Praise worthy features:

Remo Recover is reputed software and gets attention of its users due to the perfectly recovered photos. By utilizing this software user can recover photo from Trash Mac with real content. The originality of the recovered photo is reflected in the color and hues of the photo which is same as in the original deleted data. Remo Recover ensures that it never messes up with the photo; this is done by recovering photo by making a duplicate file of original in temporary basis. Graphical user interface makes user easily understand the way the way to recovery in matter of seconds. All formats of photo can be recovered using this software like JPEG, CR2, RAW etc. All forms of data like video, audio, application and documents are recoverable using this software. Mac Mountain Lion and Mac Snow Leopard are supported by this magical software.

Steps to recover photo from Trash folder:

  • Start Remo Recover in your Mac based system.
  • Select “Recover Photos” and then “Recover Deleted Photo”.
  • Choose the appropriate Mac drive from which photo got deleted.
  • Scan the Mac computer for Trash deleted photos.
  • Once the process gets over save the recovered file in any chosen location.

Well-Known Tool for Seagate HDD Partition Recovery

Seagate hard drive is popular to deliver smooth and reliable data storage which is introduced to provide highly upgradable designs. It is specially designed with innovative technologies and can store huge amount of data. One can store their personal, official and other files on this hard disk. Although it provides stunning features but it is prone to data loss situations with respect to partitions and such things happen either accidentally or intentionally.

If such incidents happen with you, then do not worry as you can retrieve lost or deleted partition data from Seagate HDD. However, after facing such scenarios, you need to focus on some safety measures that stop using the Seagate hard drive and do not store fresh data on it. Or else your lost data will get overwritten and permanently get lost from Seagate HDD. After following these steps, you ensure that your lost data is still present in hard drive that can be effortlessly get back with the assistance of third party tool. But many people blindly choose unauthorized data recovery software and lose their vital data permanently. To restore your lost data as they were before, employ Remo Recover software. It can retrieve Seagate hard drive partition damaged due to hard drive corruption, unintentional deletion, formation of bad sectors on hard disk, etc.

Common Seagate hard drive partition data loss scenarios:

  • Virus infection: Storing virus infected files on the Seagate hard drive can affect some partitions. As a result of this, you can access files from partitions. To make them virus-free you need to scan them with updated antivirus software which removes virus attacked files from Seagate HDD partition.
  • Conversion errors: Sometimes, while converting Seagate partition from dynamic to basic may result in data loss. Interruption like sudden power breakdown during file system conversion ends up with file system corruption.
  • Accidental formatting: While formatting some unnecessary partitions, you might select some other partitions containing important documents can lead to huge data loss.
  • Third party tools: Sometimes, you might get partition errors while deleting, resizing and creating new partitions using third party tools. Hence, files become inaccessible.

It can restore data from inaccessible, formatted, lost and deleted Seagate hard drive partitions. It allows user to compress restored files with memory space in their hard drive to save valuable data. In addition, it supports SCSI, IDE, SATA and PATA of well-known brands like Toshiba, Buffalo, Maxtor and Hitachi with ease. It works fine on Windows and Mac OS of all launched versions making you to retrieve data even from reformatted partitions or volumes. It supports file systems of Windows and Mac like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, HFSX, etc. It vigorously scans all partitions in your computer and locates all the valid partitions.

You will get two recovery options, one is “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to recover data from formatted partitions and second one is “Partition Recovery” option to restore deleted or lost partitions. Based on the recovery you want, select Seagate HDD partition from which you want to get back the data. Apart from Seagate hard drive partition recovery, it does recovery of USB drives, memory cards, pen drives, FireWire drives, iPods, etc. In case of hard drive bad sectors, it creates disk images of it and recovers data. Even you can use it to recover compressed files from formatted Seagate HDD partition. Its trial edition helps you to check how accurate the recovery process is. It will get back data based on file name, file type, size, etc. on its unique signatures. This brilliant utility can undelete data from crashed hard disks and from those which won’t boot.

Worthy Software for Toshiba Laptop Partition Recovery

Losing partition from Toshiba laptop can be worse because large chunk of important data may get lost from computer. Find a positive way to recover partition.

Toshiba laptop is one of the most updated laptops and is most widely in use today. The partitions used in Laptop helps in efficient management of data. If one partition gets lost or deleted from laptop, then it will eventually result in losing of hundreds of files associated with it. Although there are various discovered reasons for partition loss, let’s consider a case when user performs partition formatting of partition. Sometimes a knowledgeable user would find out that a particular partition needs formatting, but in actual formats another partition, in another case user intends to bring changes in a particular partition but ends up formatting the partition. These cases will be quite unfruitful because user will lose large chunk of data and such situations demand a positive way to get back the lost partition. Third party software is the actual way to recovery.

The abundance of software available makes it difficult for user to choose the right software for recovery. If user in such partition loss scenario is confused about choosing the recovery software, then strong software like Remo Recover can be opted to get back the lost partition at immediate effect. This software is highly recognized software among internet masses and so is the user ratings and feedback of this software. Some of the features of this software are explained below:

Incredible features:

Remo Recover boasts of some of some of the top features which are never even seen in other software in recovery class. This software enables Toshiba recovery partition of all possible sizes. Apart from partition recover user will also get option to recover data from specific file system or even an individual file recovery from specific drives. Recovery of partition from external drives is also possible using this classic software. Data of all possible forms are recoverable using this software like audio, video, photo and other documentary files. Most of the laptop brands are supported by this software for recovery like Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Hp, Lenovo and others. Save recovery session helps to make a pause in the recovery session at any instant of time.

Have a look at various partition loss scenarios:

Usage of third party application which is untrustworthy in nature can surely be the cause behind partition loss. User may tend to handle partition in laptop using third party application which is unreliable. If it happens then there are very much possible chance that user lose the partition. Inefficient conversion of file system can also turn out to be a top reason for partition getting lost. Other famous reason is virus attack. Virus attack sometimes cripples the whole partition and makes it in accessible to user.

Special tips:

Always try to maintain backup of partition data in external storage devices and or in another computer free from unhealthy sources. User should consider using antivirus software in laptop and update it periodically.

Must Have Tool to Restore Formatted HFS Partition

Data loss after formatting HFS partition is common thing for Mac users. Once this incidence takes place, it does not matter what the scenario behind HFS partition formatting, files from Mac PC get lost. You might have stored videos, audio, movies, documents and memorable family images on Mac hard disk. Losing such important collection just because of formatting HFS partition may make you tensed. But your hard work does not end here. As you the best opportunity to recover lost HFS partition data on Mac system, never lose hope of losing files.

Have you accidentally formatted HS partition on Mac computer? Getting tensed about losing important data? Do not get tension…! Now, you can unformat HFS partition by means of a good recovery tool. You are suggested to employ Remo Recover tool is the finest approach to restore formatted HFS partition on Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion. It is powered with sophisticated procedure which ensures easy and effective formatted partition recovery without any data loss. Apart from formatted HFS partition recovery, it restores lost due to emptying Trash, hard drive crash, presence of bad sectors on hard disks, hard disk failure, etc. This read-only tool can recover HFS and HFS+ formatted volumes o Mac PC.

In fact, formatting is carried out before hard disks are put into use. In some instances, formatting is performed due to several reasons. Reasons could be many for such type of uninvited problems but after formatting the outcome is loss of files from HFS partition. Let us take a look at some identified scenarios where Mac users format their HFS partition:

  • Inaccessible partition: While working on your Mac system, as a result of some technical errors you lose access to the drive. This in turn ends up with formatting error and you have to format partition forcefully.
  • Intended partition: When the storage space of Mac hard drive becomes full, then you may format HFS partition to remove unnecessary files.
  • Corrupt partition: The partition gets damaged due to improper conversion of HFS to HFS+ or any error during this process can ends in partition gets corrupted. Thus, to get rid of such problem, you may go through HFS partition formatting.
  • Some other scenarios like accidental formatting, OS reinstallation process and severe virus attack results      in HFS partition corruption.

Note: In case, you lose data after formatting, immediately stop using Mac computer. Else your whole data gets overwritten and makes partition recovery impossible.

This excellent utility scans your Mac hard disk and searches hard drive sector to recover lost files by extracting every bit of data. This process takes only few minutes and is performed safely without harming your crucial files. It can quickly retrieve formatted HFS partition on well liked Mac laptops like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Mini. It allows you to retrieve over 300 different types of files such as images, songs, documents, APK files, spreadsheets and videos. By means of this software, you can identify and sort the restored files as per the file name, file type, name, size and date of creation. It is customized with user-friendly interface to support easy recovery of HFS partition even for novice users. It can provide detailed step-wise instructions to user during HFS partition recovery process. Since, it does not consume more space on your Mac system so, it saves your disk space.

Safety precautions:

  • Try to avoid adding new files on formatted HFS partition
  • Immediately avoid reformatting of volume after HFS partition formatting
  • After HFS partition formatting, never employ the same volume after creating more partition since it ends up with permanent loss of data.

Fantastic Software to Recover Partition from Flash Drive

Flash drive partition data loss has become intolerable situation for universal users. As it is impossible to predict the time in which user may encounter such severe problems. The majority of users but some of them still believe that data remains on the same partition and it is true. There are many ways to get such data back from missing or lost or deleted partitions on flash drive. However, there are certain people who do not know how to perform flash drive partition. No need to get fret since, this article guides such users to bring back their data without damaging its original file structure.

There are some unforeseen circumstances responsible for flash drive partition data loss. After losing crucial files from flash drive, many people start wondering and worry about their lost files. When they Google out for data recovery tool, they may get list of such tools but all are not genuine. Thus, to avoid confusion in selecting proper data recovery utility, there is eventual utility has been introduced in the market place. The Remo Recover is listed under such software to restore partition from flash drive and other devices like external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, FireWire drives, iPods, etc.

Let us highlight some scenarios behind flash drive partition loss:

  • Virus attack: The flash drive is highly prone to virus attack. If the viruses are not scanned using updated antivirus tool and removed in-time, they would multiply and spread the attack to the whole flash drive partition. Thus, flash drive partition becomes inaccessible and results in data loss.
  • Improper ejection: The partition data on flash drive may get corrupted as a result of improper removal of drive from system. Hence, data gets lost.
  • Interruption while resizing the partition: Any type of interruption including abrupt system shutdown, sudden power breakdown while resizing the existing partition or repartitioning the flash drive results in partition corruption. This makes your data inaccessible.
  • Other scenarios like file system corruption, partition formatting, reformatting and accidental deletion can lead to flash drive data loss.

In all the above mentioned reasons, users are suggested to employ Remo Recover utility, which can easily retrieve flash drive partition and extracts data from it with few clicks of mouse. This software supports flash drives of manufacturing brands like SanDisk, HP, Transcend, Sony, Lexar, Corsair, Kingston and many more. Use this app to undelete flash drive partition files based on their file name, file type, size, extensions and files creation date. It is capable to recognize files by their extensions even after recovery process based on file’s unique signatures. Partitions like NTFS, HFS, FAT and HFS+ are successfully recovered by this tool. It is specially launched to recover lost, deleted, inaccessible and damaged partition from flash drive.

It just scans your entire flash drive, locates the partitions and restores the data from them securely without any corruption. Its metro styled interface allows user to perform flash drive partition recovery on touch enabled devices. The files like CR2, ORF, RAW, X3F, PSD, BMP, MP4, MP3, WAV, MIDI, MOV, AVI, PPTX, APK and documents are recovered by this result oriented application. It does not require more space to install it on users system because less storage space is enough for this software to install. It offers free demo edition to judge its ability. As preventive measure, after facing data loss scenarios users need to stop using the device or partition. It is compatible with Operating Systems like Windows, Mac. It is completely read-only utility, since it does not make any harm to original files during partition recovery process. Thus, it is user-friendly in nature.

Hopeful Software to Recover Data from RAW Partition Windows 7

Data getting inaccessible due to annoying RAW partition in Windows 7, recovery required and it’s urgent!

This was my situation a week back when all my personal data got inaccessible and I was in great need to recover the lost data. The personal data which got inaccessible contained details like office presentation details and bank account details. These two set of information was so crucial and required urgent that I immediately called my friend who was familiar with such techie problems. He explained that RAW partition is annoying thing in Windows 7 computer. It can contain tons of files which may be important to the user and all becomes inaccessible. It was clearly explained by him that worrying is not the answer to this problem but by using a trustworthy third party application data can be recovered using this software. Recovery software is many in internet market and user should be careful to choose particular software. If user is doubtful about choosing software then Remo Recover can always be opted to recover data from RAW partition. Now, consider the scenarios associated with RAW partition and which are easily recoverable by Remo Recover.

Monster scenarios:

Some of the most dangerous data loss scenarios erupt due to RAW partition. RAW partition can be a phenomenon in your Windows 7 computer if the hard drive gets corrupted. In turn hard drive can get corrupted due to many reasons. Out of those reasons MBR corruption is most deadly, this type of corruption basically cripples the OS and the partitions. Thus large chunk of data in hard drive gets pushed in RAW partition, virtually. Next, infamous situation is virus attack. Virus attack is notorious for many faulty happenings in computer. RAW partition is no a special case for virus attacks. Another reason for the existence of RAW partition is due to accidental formatting multiple of times. Also power surge or accidental turn off of power to computer is also a major reason for data getting corrupted. Other reasons are file system corruption and registry errors.

Adoptable software:

The reason for Remo Recover coming under the category of trustworthy software is due to various reasons. Starting from its credibility to recover data from the worst hit RAW partition scenario to its awesome user ratings and feedback; this softwares score from every sphere.

Essential features:

Remo Recover boasts of features which are basic for recovering data from various data loss scenarios. This software performs perfect Windows 7 RAW partition recovery due to its powerful coding capable of operating on various other partitions in computer. Even data can be recovered from various file systems like FAT 32, NTFS etc. By utilizing this software one can expect recovery of individual data too. This is proved from the option provided by this software to select data from drives and recover. Some prominent features of this software is safe recover session and file preview. Apart from Windows 7, this software is also compatible with all other version of Windows OS.

Smart Software to Solve Outlook 2010 MAPI Error

Are you an Outlook application user, has encountered MAPI error frequently but still don’t know how to react to it? It’s time to take action to solve this problem!

MAPI stands for Messaging Application Programming Interface. MAPI error is related to Microsoft Outlook application. This error usually happens when user tries to import or export Outlook messages. In actual there are various MAPI related scenarios which can give inconvenience to user.

Scenarios to watch:

User would like to import or export Outlook Express mails. But while importing or exporting the mails it should be kept in mind that the application at the other end be installed. It can possibly happen that user has not installed Outlook 2010 application in computer; in this case user will encounter MAPI error. Moreover it can be the case that Outlook 2010 is installed in one computer and Outlook 2007 is installed in another computer. But while importing or exporting mails, user may have removed Outlook 2007. This situation will lead to Outlook 2010 showing MAPI error illustrated by various MAPI related error. Another top reason leading to MAPI error is due to PST file corruption. In turn, PST files in Outlook application can get corrupted due to multiple reasons. Virus attack tops the list for PST file corruption. Virus programs can creep inside your computer via files from external storage device and from internet. If it happens it can be a possible cause for the error. Next, abrupt closing of application or sudden shutdown of computer can also lead to PST file corruption. All these scenarios demand attract precautionary measures from user’s side.

Common precautions to be followed:

User should ensure that Outlook 2010 application is installed properly in computer. This action can reduce MAPI error to large extends. Also by using antivirus software in computer, error possibility will be reduced by removal of virus during antivirus scan. These precautions may sound easier to follow but user may forget to follow the precautions and tend to face such problems. To completely remove such menace, use Remo Repair Outlook (PST). Some of the features of this software are explained further.

Major features:

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is compatible with most of the versions of Microsoft Outlook namely 2003, 2007, 2010 and others. This software is can repair all MAPI related errors in a single shot. Using this software, one can fix MAPI error on Outlook 2010 in an error free manner. A heavily corrupted Outlook PST file can also be repaired by this software in an in an error free manner. This is possible due to the robust algorithm and coding used in the software making it foolproof. PST files of all categories are repairable using this software like notes, reminder, sent items, contacts etc. One feature which makes it highly reliable is that the repaired files’ contents are same as the original file. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003, XP, 7, 8 and other older versions.

Notes on How to Recover NTFS Partition

NTFS is one of the partitions developed by Microsoft, which consists of many new and powerful features compared to other partitions. It is available with its own data structure and makes sure well utilization of drive space. Nevertheless, while dealing with this partition, losing it as a result of some unwanted scenarios can ends up with severe situation. It gets deleted in many ways but if the user does not maintain backup in those times, it leads to irritating moment. No need to worry about NTFS partition, just read this article to know how to retrieve NTFS partition data.

Assume a scenario, in which you are trying to re-install an Operating System on your computer. While doing so, you need to delete the partition containing useless files. While carrying out this task, if you accidentally delete the existing NTFS partition and all the files get delete from it. Thus, it leads to very distressing situation and your worry increases. Are you getting tensed about what went wrong? If yes, then it is very important to know which software is best suited to perform this task. Leave all your worries here and use Remo Recover tool to undelete deleted NTFS partition and supports other partitions like ExFAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, etc.

Common factors behind NTFS partition deletion are listed below:

  • Partition errors: While creating or resizing NTFS partition using Disk management utility, sometimes you may receive error messages result in improper NTFS partition creation or resizing. Thus, there are high chances of partition deletion.
  • Virus attack: Sometimes, due to downloading files from untrustworthy websites and storing those files on your system can result in virus infection to your NTFS partition. The viruses can spread all over the partition and affects all files. Later, you decide to scan the whole partition using antivirus tool, when it fails to fix severe virus attack, then forcibly you have to erase that partition.
  • Accidental deletion: Sometimes, while deleting some unnecessary partition, in a hurry you may choose NTFS partition containing crucial files. Thus, it will lead to huge files loss.
  • NTFS partition gets deleted due to sudden power failure while resizing it, usage of third party utilities, MBR corruption, repartitioning, errors during file system conversion, etc.

It does not matter how your NTFS partition gets deleted but if you take some precautionary steps like never copy fresh files on the hard disk because it overwrites previously deleted data with fresh files and always keep updated antivirus tool to avoid severe virus infection to NTFS partition. It retrieves files from various types of hard drives including SCSI, IDE, PATA and SATA of well-liked brands like Seagate, Maxtor, Hitachi, Western Digital, etc. This application is packed with unique features and does not require much professional background to use it. It is appreciated by group of industry experts and is capable to get back erased data based on file name, type, date of file creation, modified date, etc. with ease.

Apart from NTFS partition recovery, it does recovery of storage devices like USB drives, memory cards, external hard drives, Thumb drives, iPods, etc. Superior disk technologies of this software scan the whole hard drive completely to recover erased NTFS partition. You can use it to bring back deleted NTFS partition on Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8 too. The file preview is one of the special options which this program provides. It can undelete audios, videos, photos, documents, etc. of more than 300 various file types. You can check its efficiency by using the demo edition. You can use this fantastic utility to restore deleted NTFS data based on their unique signature based search.

Complementary Approach to Retrieve Formatted Partition on Windows 7

“I am a Windows 7 computer user, few days ago my computer was responding slowly so, I decided to format some of its partitions. While selecting the partition to format, I selected a wrong partition and lost all the significant data. Now, I am in a problem and do not know what to do, as I do not have spate copy of it. Is there any way to bring back formatted data? If so, please help to get it back. Anybody’s help is appreciated”.

No need to bother in this case, as answer to this is in your pockets only. By using reliable data recovery software you can restore all lost data from a formatted partition. Now you will be in tension, which tool to rely upon to attain is. Finding out the efficiency of tool without knowing its working principle is really worse, so the foremost choice to proceed with Remo Recover utility. It does Windows 7 formatted partition recovery in couple of minutes which does not involve much user efforts.  It is available with a demo edition which will provide a complete solution and clear all your queries about the partition recovery process.

Some repeatedly seen scenarios for losing information after formatting partition on Windows 7 system:

  • Virus invasion: In some instances, your Windows 7 partition gets affected by virus and data stored on it becomes inaccessible. This incidence takes place due to downloading files from freeware websites. Thus, to avoid further infection to other files, you may format the partition resulting in data loss.
  • Inaccessibility of partition: Sometimes, while accessing partition on Windows 7, you will receive error messages, which avoid you to access data. Hence, to overcome these error messages, you may format it and lose vital data.
  • Reinstallation of Windows 7 OS: You need to format partitions before reinstalling Windows 7 OS. This step can make easy your reinstallation process and improves the speed of system.
  • Accidental formatting: In some cases, while formatting some other partitions accidentally you may select the right partition having crucial data. If you do not maintain proper backup, then this incidence put you in trouble.

After formatting partition on Windows 7 PC, immediately stop using the computer and do not store any fresh file on the same partition. Or else, this could result in overwriting of data and its recovery becomes highly impossible by means of any recovery tool. Hence, it is suggested to keep valid backup of imperative files, which can help you to restore lost data in case of Windows 7 partition formatting. This software can recover all data including APK files, documents, excel sheets, spreadsheets, images, Zip files, songs, videos, etc. from Windows 7 formatted partition. By means of this perfect utility, you can identify all types of files based on their unique signatures. It will undelete data from partition having bad sectors with utmost ease.

It helps you to restore recovered partition data according to its file name, size, type, last modification date and creation date. Besides Windows 7 formatted partition recovery, use it to retrieve data from partitions on Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 8. The partitions like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 on Windows 7. It is reviewed by experts and referred as non-destructive tool, which extracts only the contents from the formatted partition without making any damage to the original file. Moreover, it retrieves files from missing, deleted and lost partitions on Windows 7. Its advanced searching techniques can perform complete scanning of whole partition to bring back data from Windows 7 partition. Besides Windows 7 formatted partition recovery, it restores data from other storage devices including memory cards, USB drives, iPods and external hard drives with few clicks of mouse.