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Easiest way to get back data from lost or missing Mac volume

Creating three or four partitions on your system would be very beneficial to you. For example one partition for storing your Windows system files, one for personal files, one volume for storing movie, MP3 and other media files and the last one for storing some other files. You can categorize your files and store them in the respective Windows partitions or Mac volumes.
I had a Desktop computer at home and I created three partitions on it, two partitions with the Windows file system and the third partition with the standard Mac file system. I had categorized different types of files and saved them in a respective partitions. I was spending my free time by watching movies which I saved in the Mac volume. After few days I thought of installing Mavericks operating system in my computer for my course work. Accidentally, I clicked on the Mac volume where I kept the movie files for repartitioning instead of choosing the other partition. Unfortunately, I lost my Mac volume. After repartition I successfully installed new operating system. But I lost huge number of movie files from the lost Mac volume. It’s very hard to collect all those movie files and store them again. I worried a lot as I used to spend my free time by watching movies in my system. Unhappily I went to my friend’s home to collect some movies to my pen drive. I shared my problem with him. He told me no need to get upset and go for recovery software to get back all the files from lost Mac volume. Then I returned back to my home and searched over the net for the best recovery tool. After going through some recovery tools I felt Remo Recover (Mac) is the simple and powerful tool that functions smartly to recover lost volume Mac. Then I purchased the application and recovered my Mac volume successfully with all its data intact.
Some of the other factors why you lose your volume on Mac system are:-
a. Corruption to the table containing the information regarding partitions, Mac volumes, files and folders also results in inaccessible of the Mac volume
b. Catalog record holds the information related to files and folders present in a respective Mac volume. If this catalog gets corrupts due to any reasons will result in inaccessible of the Mac volume leading to loss of files
c. Harmful virus infection to your particular Mac volume also results in Mac volume loss
d. When you edit your partition table with partition table editor software to modify the existing partition size, creating new one or deleting the existing one etc. may also leads to loss of your Mac volume
If you are looking for the safe and better method of recovering your lost Mac volume because of any reason then without thinking twice go for Remo Recover (Mac) application which can get back your lost Mac volume effortlessly. It has many advantages that are very useful for the users. The most valuable features of this tool are:-
1. You can recover all files from formatted, reformatted and repartitioned Mac volumes
2. It supports recovery of data from HFS, HFS +, HFSX and ExFAT formatted hard drives
3. You can even recover files from external storage devices like SD cards, pen drives, external hard drives etc.,
4. You can recover any type of file including Word file, Excel file, image files, MP3, MP4, PDF file, PPT file and many more
5. It provides “Save Recovery Session” option in the demo version itself. So that you no need to scan for the lost volume again after going for licensed version of the tool. You can access the recovered files by choosing “open recovery session” option.
6. It provides you two view options “File type view” and “data type view” which makes you to identify the files very easily
7. Supports recovery of files from different types of hard drives like SCSI, IDE, SATA ATA etc.,

Remo Recover (Mac) supports for both 32-bit and 64-bit Mac machines. It is very fast and secure tool and it provides very user friendly interface. Thus, Remo Recover (Mac) is the perfect solution to recover your lost Volume on all Mac OS x versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and even on Yosemite.

Robust Utility to Recover Data from RAW File System

Are you worried by RAW file system as a result of which you have lost access to your imperative files? If yes, then don’t get frightened because you are at the right place where you will come to know how to recover data from RAW file system. But before taking a look on RAW file system recovery, let us discuss why file system turns into RAW state? It is the condition of hard disk where there is info of file system from partition table and volume boot sector. In addition to this, a RAW file system is one which is not recognized by OS and in such case you may not able to access files present within the drive.

Whenever you lose data from RAW file system, you might attempt to change the RAW file system then there are high possibilities of losing your valuable data. In such stages, if you lose your beloved files means you will lose of hope of recovering files. Don’t lose hope, here is a solution to your problems. You can recover data from RAW file system with the aid of Remo Recover utility. It will restore data like archives, documents, games, zip files and many more. Addition, it lets you to customize your search by adding or removing the file signature. It will recover data from all types of file systems including FAT16, FAT3, ExFTA, NTFS5, NTFS, HFS+ and HFSX. It runs fast on all hard drive types like PATA, SATA, IDE and SCSI of manufacturing brands Sony, Hitachi, Samsung, WD, etc. Besides computer hard disk, it recovers data from RAW file system of storage devices such as USB drive, FireWire drive, memory stick, etc.

You might receive following error messages while accessing RAW file systems:

When you access your computer, you might receive an error message like “The disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” In such case, if you click on “No” option, you cannot access the drive and if you click on “Yes”, then you will lose all files present in your computer HDD.

Some other scenarios behind RAW file system are bad sectors on specific partition, file system corruption as a result of incorrect file system conversion or virus attack, use of unreliable third party tool to convert one file system to another, power failures, format failure, etc.

You can get rid of RAW file system errors by means of Remo Recover utility. It is engineered with modern recovery technologies and does successful data recovery from file system. It executes absolute scan using its fast scanning strategies. Its preview feature helps you to preview the recovered data, by this you will get satisfied by the performance of the tool before buying the complete version of this product. You can customize your data recovery process by choosing the matchless signatures of the files you are looking for. In case you do not discover that specific format then you are able to add it by means of “Add / Edit Signature” option. Finally, you are allowed to sort the restored data according to file name, creation date, size and type.

Learn How to Do Inaccessible Partition Recovery

Is your partition become inaccessible due to which you are unable to access any of your important files? Are you worried about your crucial files? If yes, then don’t get annoyed because inaccessibility of partition is unusual, so when such situation takes place you will not be able to access any of the data from inaccessible partition. In such stage, definitely you face dilemma and lose hope of recovering data from inaccessible partition. Keep a ray of hope because inaccessible partition recovery is possible with the assistance of partition recovery software.

In order to access a partition, you have to click on it. It opens up to display your files and folders. In case a click on a partition displays an error message, it indicates the partition has encountered an issue. This error restricts you to access the partition, then it is called inaccessible. You have to use a partition recovery tool for getting access to your files and folders from inaccessible partition. Remo Recover is one such tool that is built with fantastic algorithms to find its way into the inaccessible partition and pulls out your vital data. It will bring back data from formatted, inaccessible, missing, deleted or lost partitions.

Partition becomes inaccessible due to below mentioned scenarios:

Improper partitioning: Partitioning is an activity which should be done with care. While carrying out task related to partition if you come across any interruption or if the partitioning is not done properly, then it becomes inaccessible.

Bad sector: Every file on the hard drive get stored on sectors but if this sector turns into bad sector then the file present in the bad sector can become inaccessible. Nevertheless, in case the collection of bad sector is more and more then it finally ends up with inaccessible partition.

Improper file system conversion: While converting file system from one from to another if the operation fails as a result of technical glitches or human errors, this sort of intrusion leads to inaccessibility of partition.

If your partition becomes inaccessible due to any of above highlighted scenarios, then use Remo Recover utility. It will carry out inaccessible partition data recovery from Hitachi, WD, iOmega, etc. It will recover Zip files, pictures, audio, videos and APK files from inaccessible partition recovery. It supports data recovery from various types of hard disk drives like IDE, SATA, ATA, etc. This legitimate software is compatible with FAT16, FAT32, HFSX, HFS+, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems. It permits you to take a preview of recovered data so that you can understand the capacity of the tool before buying its complete version.

By means of “Save Recovery Session” option you are able to save the info related to recovery and afterwards resume the recovery operation by making use of recovery info which was stored earlier. It completely scans the inaccessible partition on both Windows and Macintosh machines to recover data. It works fine to recover data from inaccessible partition of the flash drive, iPod, memory card, external hard drive, etc. While restoring files from an older file system, it neglects the current file system.

Helpful suggestions:

Think twice before selecting any third party utility for resizing and reformatting partitions

With updated antivirus tool scan your computer to get rid of virus infections

Always maintain battery backup like UPS to system while carrying out file system conversion, defragmentation, etc.

Windows 8 Partition Data Recovery

Recently I have lost very essential files such as videos, audio, documents, PST, PPT, etc after accidentally deleting one of the partitions on Windows 8 system. Is it possible for me to recover those deleted partitions data? If so, please explain in detail…

Users lose their valuable data due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, interrupting file transfer process, etc. However, deleting partitions on Windows 8 system then whole data stored on it will get loss since partition table get deleted from hard drive. But, data will not get deleted permanently from hard drive instead become unavailable to user, because their access pointers are get deleted from table entry. In such situation, you can recover those data with the help of third party data recovery application like Remo Recover. This application can easily recover data from deleted partitions on Windows 8 system in easy steps. It recovers audio, video, pictures, documents and all other file types from Windows 8 partition and keeps your data undamaged.

Various reasons behind deleting partition on Windows 8 system

  • Most users attempt to delete partition on Windows 8 system when their system is severely attacked by virus and other malware threats. Since these threats damages or deleted all data stored in it hence user deletes partition.
  • Sometimes users wish to extend or shrink the size of partition on Windows 8 system with the use of built-in tool or third party application. But there are chances of deleting partition while proceeding this process and results in loss of data.
  • Other reasons are file system error and partition table errors, when these things get corrupted partitions are also get deleted or corrupted and results in loss of huge data.

Above-mentioned reasons play a most significant role in deleing partitions on Windows 8 system. However, you can recover data from deleted partition Windows 8 with the help of this Remo Recover application in an effective way. In addition, application can also recover data that is lost due to other various reasons such as accidental deletion, interrupting file transfer process, hard drive failure, virus attacks, etc. Hence, Remo Recover is the best and safe data recovery application for recovering partitions on Windows 8.

Other advantages of Remo Recover application

  • Recovers data from various versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, etc
  • Recovers data from veracious storage devices includes hard drive, pen drive, memory card, etc
  • Recovers data from corrupted, damaged, inaccessible partitions on Windows 8 system
  • Displays all recoverable files in File Type View and Data View format
  • Allows users to add file signature dynamically
  • Performs safe, secure and quick partition data recovery on Windows 8
  • Provides demo version tool to check the capability of application
  • Provides free tech assistance for 24*7 hours
  • Supports recovery of data from different hard disk drive such as ATA, SATA, IDE, SCSI and SSD

Recovering Data from HFS Plus Partition

Recently I had lost very valuable data such as audio, video, documents, pictures and other official data from HFS Plus partition from Mac system. Is it possible to recover them with the aid of any third party application? If so then explain in detail. Thanks in advance …

Of course you can recover those lost data from HFS plus partition but you should get assistance form third party recovery application like Remo Recover Mac. Because when data is lost from any storage devices due to any reasons then data won’t get deleted permanently from hard drive memory instead resides their only. But their access pointers are deleted immediately from table entry so those data will not visible in hard drive. Due to this you think that data has been deleted permanently and cannot be able to recover them. In fact with the aid of Remo Recover Mac application you can successfully recover all lost data from HFS plus partition on Mac system in few simple steps.

This Remo Recover is very best data recovery tool to recover all types of lost, formatted, deleted data from HFS plus partition because it scans your hard drive very thoroughly in order to detect all files and recover them in a safety manner. However, recovered data will be original format and does not do any chances to them since it is a read only application. Besides, it perform overall safe, secure and quick data recovery from HFS plus partition on Mac hard drives.

Application is specially designed to recover data from HFS plus partition and even you can make use of this application to recover data from other various file system installed on hard drive such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, HFSX, etc. Besides, you can recover data from various storage devices such as pen drive, memory card, iPod, flash cards, external hard drives, etc.

Various reasons behind loss of data from HFS plus partition

  • Accidentally deleting files while previewing, organizing, and other activities
  • Interrupting file transfer process by ejecting connected device
  • Attempting to modify existing partition file system or its size and other attributes
  • File system corruption
  • Catalog corruption
  • Partition table errors

Whatever might be reasons behind loss of data from HFS plus partition just you make use of this Remo Recover Mac application that can recover all lost data without taking into account of reasons the data loss. In addition, it provides free tech support via email and live chat application for 24*7 hours.

Caution: Whenever you lose data from HFS plus partition or any partition due to any reasons then you stop using that storage device for any activities because there are high chances of losing data permanently behind recovery with the aid of third party application. Hence avoid using devices until and unless performing recovery procedure.

Tips to avoid data loss

  • Use appropriate tool to modify partition attributes
  • Do not attempt to change partition file system without having proper knowledge
  • Use third party antivirus application to kill virus
  • Backup very essential data in external storage devices

Brilliant Software to Recover NTFS Partition on Mac

In Mac computers user can create partitions especially for Windows based applications, so I had also created an NTFS partition for the formerly explained reason. That NTFS partition was created to keep confidential data of an organization. I was about to format a different drive but I accidentally formatted the drive containing the NTFS partition which stored all these details. In such a situation requiring immediate way to get back the partition data due to official urgency, using third party software was inevitable. I quickly browsed through a list of recovery software in internet and one of the software which satisfied my requirement was Remo Recover. This software appeared to be the most convincing because of the positive rating and feedback given by its users. When installed and proceeded to recover the lost partition, within instant partition got recovered.

Remo Recover (Mac) is specially crafted for ntfs partition recovery for mac. This software supports various partition recoveries like HFS, EXFAT etc. The recovery process is fast and hardly requires any external assistance due to interactive graphical user interface used in the software. The recovery is fast due to the intelligent algorithm used in the software. It even allows user to perform recovery of individual data from the hard drive. Thus prior to recovery user can make identification or preview of data from the partition. By using Remo Recover (Mac) one can even save the recovery process for a while and then resume it after some time. This software supports recovery of drive partition from various external storage drives like pen drive, external hard drive, memory card etc. It is compatible with all Mac computers.

One of the most common reasons which require NTFS partition recovery is accidental deletion. User would like to delete external partition drive but in actual delete the required partition. Also, user would like to upgrade the OS. In this up gradation process user would like to format some drives in order to make it ready to install the latest OS. To do this user formatting operation should be performed. If instead of formatting the required drive partition, if user formats different NTFS, HFS partition, then this will require recovery of partition. Also consider a situation in which user downloads harmful files from internet. If there is no antivirus installed in the computer, then this will result in virus infecting other files or even partition drive. In this regard using antivirus software to avoid virus infecting partition is advisable. Moreover, always maintain backup of NTFS partition drive in external means of storage or even in different computer. Such a scenario will require recovery. Remo Recover is the right solution to all these scenarios and even a beginner in software usage can recover data by making use of it.

Download and install Remo Recover, consuming hardly fifty mega bytes from your computer. Initiate the software and choose “Recover Partitions” option. Select the partition and click next to perform the scanning and recovery process. Prior to saving the recovered drive, make preview of required partitions and save the required partition.

Built-in Approach to Recover Data from Partitioned HDD Mac

Anyone help me… Yesterday I thought to remove unwanted files from my Mac computer. But while deleting such files I unknowingly selected crucial files using “Select All” option for deletion. Hence, all my data get deleted all of sudden. The major mistake I did is, I forgot to take backup. Now I am getting tensed whether I can get back data from partitioned hard disk on Mac. Please anybody tell me how to recover data from partitioned Mac hard drive? Thanks in advance…   

Is it resembles your situation? If yes, then stop getting tensed as Mac hard drive partitioned data recovery is done by means of simple tool. But the first thing you need to do is, stop using your Mac system or storing fresh files on it. Otherwise, it will end up with permanent deletion of crucial files. In some cases, you cannot locate such files on your Mac hard disk drive and get annoyed. Just cool and simply rely upon Remo Recover software which will restore data from Mac hard drive after partition with few clicks of mouse. It will do systematic scanning of Mac hard drive partition for identifying files and then recovers them. This professional utility will recover data from HFS+ and HFSX partitions. It has the capacity to get back data with source directory structure and original file names and paths.

Circumstances which result in data loss from partitioned hard disk on Mac are:

Forceful formatting: Most of the times, you perform forced formatting to get rid of issues related to Apple partition Mac corruption, catalog file corruption and boot failure. This leads to loss of data from Mac machine.

Formatting due to error message: In some instances you might receive an error message when you try to access the partition on Mac system. Under such cases, you might have only option i.e. formatting the partition. So it results in data loss.

Improper reformatting: While altering your Mac computer file system from HFS+ to HFS or vice versa, if you come across any interruption or it is not performed correctly then all partitions get damage and end up with loss of files.

Other causes like resizing the existing partitions, partitioning errors, OS crash, installing OS on Mac hard disk, etc. will lead to data loss.

In any of these cases, without any fear use this recommended software to recover data from partitioned hard drive Mac. It will run efficiently on all releases of Mac OS like Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. You can even use this application on Mac laptops including Mac Mini, MacBok Air, MacBook Pro and iMac for recovering data from partitioned hard disk. It will get back all kinds of files like audio, videos, games, presentations, etc. It will retrieve data from IDE, SSD, PATA, ATA and SCSI hard drives. You can recover partitions from all brands of hard disk like HP, Hitachi, Dell, Sony, etc. You are allowed to preview the restored data from lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible partitions prior to data restoration. After finishing partitioned hard drive data recovery, you can compress and save the recovered files on CD or DVD.


Don’t ignore hard disk warnings like sudden restart of Mac computer, computer freeze, etc.

Stop using unreliable third party utilities for resizing the existing partitions

Before deleting any file confirm whether it is not necessary in future

Eminent Software to Recover Unmountable NTFS Partition

Computer memory system is divided into different partitions; NTFS partition in hard drive is one such partition. NTFS partitions just like any other partitions are vital for your computer related operation. What user needs to keep in mind is that; if the partitions hold important information, then it will not be profitable to lose it or it can rather turn out to be inconvenient when NTFS partition gets lost inaccessible. Lately I had faced an error related to unmountable NTFS partition indicated by check disk error, this brief message indicated that the NTFS partition is no more accessible and at the same time it is nonfunctional. The first step which any user should be employing is to start the recovery of lost data. I relied on software known as Remo Recover to get back all the files lost due to unmountable NTFS partition. I had previously read its steps to recovery in the demo version of the tool; so I directly forward to use the licensed version. Here is how I restored my complete NTFS partition.

I downloaded the licensed version of the software and installed it in my Windows computer. After this I selected the appropriate options, in the sequence: “Partition Recovery”, initiation of scanning cum recovery process and finally saved the files in desired drive. I also used its additional features which are explained in the later section. Interestingly the fundamentals of the software is same as any other software; i.e. it restores partition by exploiting the basic fact that even after any files loss, files merely remain in the hard disk only. The files again get linked to the lost pointers and finally partition data becomes visible. The trust in the software can be well supported by its user based comments, feedback and ratings.

Unmountable NTFS partition can happen out of various undesirable scenarios. One of the notorious among all the cases being the virus attack; these harmful programs can make their entry inside the computer via various sources. With the advent of internet usage it becomes vital to use antivirus software to ward off such harmful programs. But, few users may have not installed such important tools and may end up losing complete NTFS partition. If such is the case then do use Remo Recover software to restore the partition. Disk portioning should be performed with proper care, sometimes partitioning performed by the user is not proper; in such cases there is high probability of NTFS partition to go unmountable.

Remo Recover tool can supports recovery of partition of all type of file system like FAT32, NTFS5, EXFAT etc. Using this software ntfs partition recovery becomes easy because of the highly intuitive graphical user interface used in the software; this is especially helpful for first time users. Software can be used to restore data of all types like document, audio, video and application files. It can also be used to recover data from external storage media namely memory card, pen drive and external drive.

How to Perform Recovery on Flash Disk Partition

Nowadays flash disk have become more popular due to their compactness, huge storage capacity, portability, durability and much more. It has the ability to store various kind of data such as videos, audio clips, images, archives, documents and many more. Moreover it can store the data for a very long time without any power and in addition it supports thousands of write/erase cycle.  The usage of flash disk in not only limited to only storing your important data but can also be used to update motherboard firmware, booting operating system, can be used as a replacement to CD or DVD, ready boost feature (feature is supported after windows XP version, which allows you to use the flash drive as supplement memory to your operating system), application carrier etc.

Apart from supporting all the above mentioned features it succumbs to various data loss scenarios such as:

  • A flash disk is unsafe from harmful viruses like Trojan horse, malware etc. thus when it is severely affected by virus attack then the data within the drive is under threat of losing the data
  • If you unintentionally perform delete or format of the disk then all the data within the drive can be lost
  • When the file system of the flash disk is corrupted then it lead to loss of all the data from the drive
  • A flash disk is frequently used to transfer data to computer or vice versa, but when the transfer is in progress and if there is any kind of interruption then it may lead to loss of data from either of the device

These are some of the common scenarios due to which you may lose your precious data from flash disk, however if you have come across any such scenario then there is no need to worry because by making use of Remo Recover application you can effectively recover all the lost data from the drive.

Extra ordinary features of Remo Recover

  • Has the ability to recover more than 300 types of files and moreover it allows you to customize the scanning of the recovery by adding or editing the file signature of files
  • Supports recovery from various brands like Transcend, Sony, Kingston, Samsung, HP, Aegis, Toshiba, SanDisk, Lexar etc.
  • Compatible to recover data from file system such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 etc.
  • It is considered as one of the best flash drive partition recovery software recommended by many experts, its mainly because of the easy and quick recovery performance offered by the tool
  • With the help of trial version of this application you can preview the recovered data, thus by this feature you will know the ability of the software before even purchasing the product
  • Besides this you can perform recovery from other removable devices like memory card, iPods, external hard drive, FireWire devices and many more
  • Provides you with simple graphical user interface using which any novice user can accomplish the task very easily

Safety measure:

  • Avoid using your flash disk on a computer which is infected by virus
  • Do not eject the flash disk abruptly when the disk is in use, however make use of safe removal option provided by your computer
  • Make use of updated anti-virus tool to frequently scan the flash disk

Well-Known Software to Recover Data from RAW Partition Windows 7

RAW partition refers to the condition of hard disk which does not have Windows file system and is unable to access that partition. Most of the times, you may store 60GB of data in your “E drive” but it may show “0 bytes” and it is inaccessible. In such case, you start thinking can I recover data from RAW partition Windows 7? Yes, since you are restricted from accessing vital data. In reality, RAW partition is a system error which is the outcome of undesired changes in the file system.

There are various reasons behind abrupt corruption of file system. In such case, you need to reactivate the partition, it needs to be formatted all over once again. Hence, before you execute recovery process, you are suggested to retrieve previous data. This process is called RAW partition recovery and is done to get access back to all files as well as folders. Once perform such activity by means of Remo Recover utility, which is termed as data specialist utility to deliver results in less duration of time.

Common circumstances which may make a partition RAW:

Reformatting: At times, you decide to change your current file system to its new version or to other version, due to this you perform reformatting. If this process gets aborted means it displays error message and the partition becomes RAW.

Virus invasion: Virus programs are the unnecessary programs which are developed by unprincipled programmers to damage your PC information. Hence, when your drive gets attacked by virus programs, it makes unnecessary alterations to file system and is responsible for a partition to become RAW.

Partition table corruption: Partition table corruption gets damaged due to bad sectors on hard disk, improper reformatting or formatting, etc. Later, when you double click on the disk Windows OS displays you a message such as “Cannot read and load X:” which indicates RAW partition error.

Other scenarios: OS crash, software malfunction, hard disk failure, registry file errors, frequent power failure, etc.

In order to recover RAW partition Windows 7, you have to stop executing some tasks such as reformatting, formatting, installation of OS, etc. As a preventive measure do not try to install any data recovery tool on the affected disk.

Remo Recover utility is available with strong data recovery technologies and recovers data from file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, NTFS, etc. It does Windows 7 RAW partition recovery to restore all lost files like videos, audio, images, documents, etc. With the assistance of this preeminent utility, you can perform smart scanning of whole partition for restoring lost data. Even it is capable to recover active partitions on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc. During the lost data recovery process, none of your files are changed by this classy software. It simply identifies files and displays the list of files in front of you.

This optimal application is updated with recent antivirus tool, so it is free from virus and malware. It will bring back data from a hard disk riddled with bad sectors. Generating disk image option of this utility makes it easy to conquer bad sectors. You can employ this tool on Mac based systems also. Due to this feature, it is recommended by many technical and novice users to bring back data from inaccessible system partitions. Its demo version can describe about numerous features of this utility.